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How are you able to fix your QuickBooks file or network setup while using your QuickBooks and face this QuickBooks Error 6123, 0 once you open your company file over a network or multi-user mode, upgrading a company data file to the most recent version of QuickBooks otherwise you need to revive the backup however you get a 6123,0 error message.

So, merely if you ever face this drawback while using with QuickBooks, you’ll be able to Fix this error with QuickBooks File Doctor. However if the file doctor can’t facilitate youto run your system the move to the manual steps given below. However you’ll be able to additionally get support from our Intuit certified QuickBooks consultants to avoid wasting some time and energy. So, These steps are offered for added troubleshooting.

As per Intuit, QuickBooks Error code -6123,0 “Connection to the QuickBooks company file has been lost” happens in multi-user environments.

NOTE :- If you’re using McAfee security software system then this might be the explanation behind 6123 errors in Quickbooks Desktop software. During this case, as you already understand that McAfee security software system doesn’t belong to Intuit therefore you can contact McAfee security software systems or go through this article for any steerage. If you’re not using McAfee security software system then see the steps given below to resolve this issue:

When establishing or once the utilization of a QuickBooks company report over a network, you see one or a lot of the subsequent errors:

  • QuickBooks Error -6123, 0.
  • Connection has been lost with QuickBooks company file.
Quickbooks Error Code 6123 | www.quickbooksaccounting.org

Why QuickBooks Error Code -6123, 0 is happening?

  • A corrupt network reference to the host pc.
  • Firewall software system is obstructing a port necessary to communicate with the server hosting the company data
  • Damage QBW files.
  • QuickBooks data file or program files get corrupt.
  • Many numbers of different instances of QuickBooks database service are running.
  • The McAfee Privacy Service is installed with the Block internet Bugs filter possibility chosen.
  • Maybe company file is open during anew edition of QuickBooks.
  • Maybe you’re restoring a backup from a removable USB device.
  • Damaged Window user.

Fix QuickBooks Error Error 6123, 0 once upgrading/opening a company data file in Quickbooks Desktop:

Now let’s discuss its answer. there’s some following answer for fixing this error:

  • First of all, you’ve got to install and run the QuickBooks File Doctor in your computer system.
  • When installation of Quickbooks file doctor completes, please open it.
  • Check Your company file in the drop-down list, if not there then browse.
  • Now mark Check File corrupted only then choose Diagnose File.
  • Enter your administrative password, then click OK.
  • After that, you may see a popup(message) regarding upgrading your file to a newer version of QuickBooks.
  • Now opt to Open the data file in a newer version, it’ll repair and upgrade your company file to the most recent version of QuickBooks. Or prefer to repair data file in the previous version, it’ll repair your company file without upgrading it.
  • To finish repairing your file apply all the directions within the File Doctor.
  • If Still facing the problem and QuickBooks File Doctor doesn’t resolve your error 6123, 0 attempt to reboot your pc.
  • After rebooting If QuickBooks File Doctor still fails to repair your 6123,0 error, then follow the manual given steps below.
Error 6123 | www.quickbooksaccounting.org

You have to follow all the mentioned guide inorder to fix the problem. If the problem still persists then kindly refer yourself to our U.S. Based Quickbooks Technician’s inorder to get the resolution on this. You may dial : +1 855 999 1904

Setup all the settings manually

For Single-user setup:

Follow the given steps to fix single-user settings manually

  • Rename .ND and .TLG file
  • Open the folder of your company data file.
  • Choose the .ND of your company data file.
  • Ex: MyCompanyName.qbw.nd
  • Now make a Right click on the .ND file and opt to Rename it.
  • Then Add .old at the topof the file name.
  • Ex: MyCompanyName.qbw.nd.old
  • Repeat the identicalsteps to rename the .TLG file
  • Open QuickBooks Desktop Company data file.
  • Set correctfolder permissions.
  • Sometimes the folder settings have tobe set to full access.
  • It depends upon your Windows settings and Windows User Login.

You can also try to Move Company file to another location

  • Move company file to a distinct
  • To check if there’san issue with the file path, you have got to move the file to another location and open it from there to test if it works properly.
  • Go to the folder whereveryour company files are there on your pc.
  • Then Right-click on the company datafile and so opt to
  • Verify that you justcopy the file with the extension .QBW.
  • Now copy your file to the desktop, Right-click on a the desktop empty area, choose New > Folder.
  • Open that New Folder and soPaste there.
  • Now Open QuickBooks software and open your company file from the new desktop location.

Use the auto data Recovery Feature

Use auto data recovery to resolve the data corruption.

Create a brand new Windows User

You can attempt to create a brand new window user login and take a look to open your file from there. As a result there’s additionally some amendment that your Windows User Login is corrupted.

  • Click the Windows begin
  • Select or enter the control panel.
  • Click on User Accounts Icon.
  • Select create New User choice.
  • Be sure you choose Administrator for user type.
  • Log out of this
  • Now Restart the pc, and so log in to the new user account.
  • After that shift, your company files to the Desktop.
  • Then Open your QuickBooks and access the company data file from the new location.

For Multi-user setup:

Rename .ND and .TLG file

  • Open the folder of your company data file.
  • Choose the .ND file of your company data file.
  • Example: MyCompanyName.qbw.nd
  • Now Right click on the .ND file and therefore thefavor to
  • At the tipof the file name Add “.old”.
  • Example: MyCompanyName.qbw.nd.old
  • Do the identicalsteps once more to rename the .TLG file
  • Now Open QuickBooks Desktop Company file.
  • Re-scan Company file with the help of databaseServer Manager
  • 1st, Stop the databaseServer process
  • For Windows 10 & 8 Users
  • Right click on the task bar empty area and then select Task Manager.
  • Once Task Manager is open, opt for More details.
  • Make a selection on Details tab.
  • Search for QBDBMgrN.exe and then do a right click on it.
  • Select End task from the bottom of the Task Manager.
  • Now Close the Task Manager once all processes of QBDBMgrN.exe are stopped.
  • For Windows 7 Users
  • Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete on your keyboard.
  • Choose Task Manager.
  • To sortthe entries alphabetically, do a left click on the image name column heading from the Processes tab.
  • Right-click QBDBMgrN.exe, then choosefinish
  • Repeat the identicalstep iv to preventall instances of QBDBMgrN.exe.
  • Close the Task Manager.
  • Reboot the Quickbooks Services
  • From your keyboard, please press Windows key + R at the same time.
  • It will open Run window on the left bottom corner on your computer screen.
  • Now in that box, please type msc and hit Enter key from your keyboard.
  • Choose the name column heading to type the entries alphabetically from the services window.
  • Make a Right click on the appropriate service of your Quickbooks Desktop, and so choose Start.
  • QB Desktop 2019 or QBD Enterprise 19.0: QuickBooksDB29
  • QBD 2018 or QBD Enterprise 18.0: QuickBooksDB28
  • QBD 2017 or QB desktop Enterprise 17.0: QuickBooksDB27
  • QB Desktop 2016 or QB Desktop Enterprise 16.0: QuickBooksDB26
  • Shutdown Services Window.
  • Need to Rescan your Company data Files
  • Kindly head to opening Quickbooks Database Service Manager.
  • To start the Scan process, Browse your Company data file.
  • After scanning is completed, shut the Server Manager.
  • Now try to open your company data file.

Set correct folder permissions


  • On the hosted pc, the folder contains the QuickBooks Desktop company file.
  • It should enable full controlto all or any users, together with the Quickbooks Database Server Manager user.

Move company file to a unique location

  • To see whether or notthere’s an issue with the file path, move the file to a unique location, then open it from that location to work out if it works.

Check Firewall & Antivirus Ports

  • Firewall & Antivirus programs mightblock the program from accessing the company data
  • To get checked the firewall and other settings kindly call us on : 1-855-999-1904

Toggle Hosting Settings in QuickBooks:

  • Open your Company File.
  • Now choosethe File > Switch to Single User Mode.
  • Then choose forthe File > Utilities > Stop Hosting Multi-User access.
  • Choose File> Utilities > chooseHost Multi-User access.
  • Choose File> chooseSwitch to Multi-User Mode.
  • Reinstall QuickBooks
  • Uninstall and soput in your QuickBooks.

Reinstall QuickBooks

  • Re-install your QuickBooks.

Troubleshoot potential data corruption

  • Kindly refer yourself to our Quickbooks Data Experts Team : 1-855-999-1904
Error 6123 help | www.quickbooksaccounting.org

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