Simple Steps to Troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error 1618

Quickbooks software is an advanced accounting software that is filled with various features that makes it convenient for users to manage all the accounting related operations in their businesses. In order to enhance the user experience, intuit provide regular updates in the Quickbooks software to smooth the functioning of the software. However, there are some instances where while installing the Quickbooks Software in your device you might encounter the Quickbooks error 1618. this error generally occurs due to corrupted or damaged installation files of the Quickbooks Software.  the Quickbooks error 1618 message will be displayed on the screen that will reflect this message that “there was a problem while installing Microsoft Library (error 1618)”.Quickbooks Error 1618

In order to troubleshoot this error properly, you need to first learn about the reasons that lead to this error. In this blog, we have explained the symptoms and causes of this error along with the methods that can be used to resolve this error quickly. If you have got this Quickbooks error while installing Quickbooks software on your device or while updating it then you can follow these methods.
In case, you are not much familiar with Quickbooks Software technology and need some help to fix this error then you need to report your issue to the experts at Quickbooks. You can report your issue by emailing your query or you can mention it on the live chat support. The experts will provide the best possible way to troubleshoot the error along with live assistance.

What are the Symptoms of Quickbooks Error 1618?

While installing the Quickbooks Software, If you due to some issues if you have encountered the Quickbooks error 1618 in your device then you will see these symptoms on your device. In order to easily detect this error, you should learn about these effects.

  • the Quickbooks Error 1618 message will be displayed on the screen.
  • your computer will start crashing frequently.
  • The system will start freezing periodically while running the Quickbooks Software.

What are the Causes of Quickbooks Error 1618?

The installation issue in the Quickbooks Software can occur because of various reasons. You might encounter the Quickbooks error 1618 because of damaged or corrupted Quickbooks Company files. Based on the various reports received from various users across the globe, our team of experts has listed below some of the prime reasons that can lead to this quickbooks error.

  • Due to damaged or Corrupted Quickbooks Installation files.
  • Configuration issues in the windows registry file can lead to this Quickbooks error.
  • Due to malware or malicious file, the Quickbooks or windows components files gets corrupted.
  • Any other program might have deleted the Quickbooks-related file mistakenly.

However, there are some quick ways available that can be used to troubleshoot this error easily. You need to make sure to complete the troubleshooting process in order to fix this error properly.

Methods to Troubleshoot the Quickbooks Error 1618QB error Code 1618

As mentioned above, the Quickbooks error 1618 can occur due to damaged or corrupted Quickbooks files or due to several other reasons. Hence, we have listed below some of the best methods that can be used to fix this Quickbooks Error.

Method: 1 Download and Install Quickbooks Tool Hub

Quickbooks Tool Hub is a one-stop solution for all kinds of issues in the Quickbooks software. the tool hub window consists of all Quickbooks diagnostic tools that can be used to troubleshoot various errors in Quickbooks. You need to download the Quickbooks tool hub and then install it in your device. Follow these steps to Use the Quickbooks Tool Hub.QB error

  • Close all the programs and open the browser.
  • Go to the intuit official website and then download the Quickbooks tool Hub.
  • Save the installation files in your local drive and then double-click on the file to install the Tool hub in your device.c
  • Click on “I Accept” when prompted to accepts the terms and agreements.
  • Follow the process as prompted to complete the installation process.
  • After completing the installation process, Open the tool hub window from the start menu.
  • Now go to the installation issues tab and then follow the steps as mentioned to fix the Quickbooks error 1618.

After completing this, re-open the Quickbooks Software and check if the error has been resolved or not. If you are still getting the error then you need to proceed to the next method to fix this Quickbooks error manually.

Method: 2 Troubleshoot QB error 1618 Manually

In order to fix this issue manually, you can follow these methods mentioned below:

Sol: 1 Check for MSIEXEC.EXE Instances in Background

  • Close the quickbooks Software window and all the other programs on your device.
  • Press and hold the CTRL+ALT+Delete key until the task manager window will appear on the screen.
  • Now click on the processes tab on the task manager window.
  • Go to the image name column from the window and then click on the list to set the list in alphabetical order.
  • Now select all the processes that end with .EXE extension and then click on the end process option.
  • Now close the task manager window and then restart your device.

If you are getting any error while closing the Task manager window then reboot your device and then check if there is MSIEXEC.EXE process is running.

Sol: 2 Re-Instal Runtime Libraries of Microsoft

Follow these steps to install the Microsoft Runtime libraries to successfully install the Quickbooks Software update in your device.

  • Open the browser and download the Microsoft Visual C++ redistributable package.
  • save this file on your local drive.
  • Open the folder where the file is stored and then rename the file .EXE extension.
  • Now follow the prompted instructions and then open the Quickbooks Tool Hub window.
  • Click on Quick Fix for my program option.

So these are some of the Quick ways thraugh which you can troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 1618.  If you need to know how to troubleshoot the Quickbooks error 99001 then you can ask for assistance from the experts to get help for it.