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What causes QuickBooks Enterprise Error H202..?

QuickBooks Error H202 occurs specially when someone tries to access the company file as located to another device or a laptop. From in which device you installed this version setup, this issue will occur at which when the system where QuickBooks company file is located in
that system need proper configuration setup due to security parameters or damaged files. To fix it follow the instructions as mentioned in this article.


How to Fix Quickbooks Enterprise Error H202..?

As we all know Intuit QuickBooks is the very beloved accounting software having advanced features to track all financial databases in a sequence. We are going to discuss how to fix H202 issue by yourself when arises to work with a company file in a multi-user mode. We ensure that these troubleshooting steps will might resolve your QuickBooks H202 Error Code instantly & provides the best result. The image as shown below is similar which appears on your desktop.

Step-1 If you want to
fix this error, please use or download the 
QuickBooks File Doctor.

Note: If you currently have a variation of File Doctor on your computer system (you will
certainly, see a File Doctor Icon on your desktop screen), you will need to
proceed with downloading and installing File Doctor from this article to ensure
you have the latest release. It is advised to uninstall any type of previous
variations of File Doctor prior to downloading and installing.

In order to Download the QuickBooks File Doctor, you may Click here: http://dlm2.download.intuit.com/akdlm/SBD/QuickBooks/QBPDF/qbfd.exe

First, you have to get to download the QB file doctor on your server. This will help you to clear your H202 error in a multi-user mode as automatically. If in case, a user faces an issue the same, try to proceed further for the next step.

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Step-2 Verifying the QB hosting 

§         For hosting computer, open please QuickBooks application and then select as File & click on

See the list of Host Multi-User to Access it, this computer is not hosting the file. Move to the
next laptop. Note one thing doesn’t change anything on your workstation.

If you see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access, select it.

In the Company, File Must Be Closed window, click to yes option.

If you are looking for Instant help, you should talk to our QuickBooks Enterprise Support team by reaching on this Phone Number +1 855 9991904. Our support team will help you to resolve QuickBooks H202 Error Code with full satisfaction. Help is available 24/7 for any
QuickBooks Error.


Step-3 Verify the QB Services


1.    First make sure that QuickBooks DBXX & QBCF Monitor services and start this.


§  First click on a Windows Startup button.

§  Then press both the keys as at the same time, Windows+ R to run the program.

§  In that run dialog box, type as MSC and hit the enter key.


2.    Service Window: – Scroll it down and find the option of QuickBooks DBXX service.

3.    QuickBooks DBXX service is not seen or unable to look forward as.


§  With the help of using Database Server Manager now confirm it and get to install on a server.

§  Now you should run your program on a server, first open the Quickbooks software and then verify that the hosting is enabled or not.

§  Click a double-click on the QuickBooks DBXX service, then get to confirm what is the Startup Type & also the service status begins.

§  Now select the recovery option.

§  Open your PC menu & restart it; thus it will automatically restart your QuickBooks DBXX service if in case it fails. Do the same for Second failure.

§  Now apply to save all your changes.

§  The above steps for QBCF Monitor Service, replay it.

§  Then make a fresh start your QuickBooks application in the multi-user mode on your every workstation.


We hope this blog helped to resolve your QuickBooks
Error Code  H202.
 If still persist any technical faults stay
connect to our Professionals to troubleshoot this error call +1(855)999-1904”.
Also Enjoy our 
Error Support Services


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