Intuit, the global software company developed by Intuit, is powerful business management software. The
software is designed considering easing the financial aspects of small and medium-size businesses of all
sectors and sizes. The industry main versions of QuickBooks meet all the requirements of different
businesses. QB accounting software comes in mainly four different editions such as Pro,
Premiere, Enterprise, Mac, and Online. The QB editions are available in two versions:


Online that can be easily accessible anywhere any time as the software available on the cloud system. With Desktop Support, users can easily and quickly configure a multi-user platform for increasing accounting proficiency.

QuickBooks for Mac

It supports business working with Mac OS. The Mac edition is specially developed by Intuit for the Mac users for their benefits in business. It comes in three different versions from Pro and Enterprise to Premiere for Mac. Although Pro and Enterprise for Mac are similar to Windows platform, there is a small difference as the OS and System Requirements for both is different. The Mac version is included with rich features which assist the Mac users to meet the requirements of their businesses.

Key Features for Mac:

  • Manage payroll and payroll taxes
  • Able to access finance sales and tax at a single go
  • Consolidated view of your business
  • Customizable center helps, keeping important data of vendor, customers at fingertips
  • Direct print on envelopes
  • Batch-importing invoices, payments, bills etc. saves time
  • Exports all the data to excel
  • Reconciliation of QB data and bank statements
  • Import entire information related to a product, customer and service
  • Easily create and print deposit slips
  • Invoicing for multiple customers
  • Create purchase orders, tracks inventory and set reorder points

New Features & Enhancements in 2016 QuickBooks for MAC

The team has included some new features to the software. They are as follows:

  1. Complete ARC enabled: The software was fully enhanced to take benefit of Apple’s run-time memory model called ARC, or Automatic Reference Counting.
  2. New Timesheets: The Single Activity and the Weekly Timesheets have been improved.
  3. Column Resizing in Forms: Earlier the form columns only resized when the entire form window was adjusted whereas now the users can easily select and drag column separators to adjust column widths when working in all forms.
  4. Envelope Printing: Now a print envelope button is included in the Print Checks, Purchase Order Invoice, and Sales Receipt windows.
  5. Import Transaction Square: The transaction Importer that started with QuickBooks for Mac 2015 now includes the ability to import Sales Receipts from Square. 2016 version of the software for Mac is included with ProAdvisor subscription and it will only run on Mac OS 10.10.

Common Errors with QuickBooks Mac Software

The exclusive features of the software that helps the Mac users to carry out their business tasks without any hassle. Although the Mac version is embedded with advanced accounting features to safeguard the system from many types of threats and issues, there are unexpected scenarios when the software encounters some errors. And finally, end up with hindering the work process for a temporary period. These errors could be classified under the following categories:

Installation Errors: While installing the software for Mac version and if the process is not successfully completed it might lead to further critical issues like company file damage, restricted access to the company file or software, not working or freezing on Mac etc.

Upgrade Errors: When you upgrade from one version to the latest version, you might be restricted access to your software. For instance: If you are using 2011 version of Mac QB software and want to upgrade it to 2012 version for Mac, which might lead you to face the issue as the system requirements for the newer version are different.

Functionality Errors: If the software is not installed properly or the upgrade process is not performed stepwise you might not be able to approach all the features of the software. For example, Intuit updates the QB for Mac 2011 are not functioning properly.

How to Resolve these Errors?

All of the above-categorized errors can be resolved if you immediately report your issue to the customer support team. The Tech Support team is prompt and responsive in handling all kinds of errors. They resolve all the issues and assure first call resolution. The support team is approachable by toll-free phone, email and live chat. They are experienced and knowledgeable in handling the Mac OS issues as they are well trained in the product.

Contact Technical Support, which can be availed for error resolutions within minimum turnaround time. It has been at a reliable Consulting Services. We here Intuit certified QB professionals, who with their extensive experience will suggest the right guidance that can be your route to business success. To know more about us contact us at +1-855-999-1904.