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Error receiving customer payment | www.quickbooksaccounting.org

Here are some tips that you would like to form positive before you proceed for fixing the matter. Please use the standard progress where the invoice is entered and once you receive payment, please use receive payment to note that payment has been received – either a right away deposit to the account or to undeposited funds followed by a deposit of funds.

You can always reach our Customer Support Team at 1-855-999-1904 as they are available 24/7 for your help.

How to fix this problem?

  • Click on the amountdue within the clients who owe cash box for the customer in question.
  • Click on the invoice showing a zero open balance howeverstill has an quantity
  • Once the invoice is open modifyquantity of 1 of the line things by $0.01 then save and shut the invoice.
  • You’llreceive the message ” There are payments applied to the present
  • Dynamicalthe number can cause the payments to be applied otherwise.
  • Does oneneed to vary it anyway”. Click yes.
  • Returninto the identical invoice and alter the number back to the first amount, save and shut once more.
  • The clientopen balance ought to currently be corrected.
  • Run a clientstatement to verify.

I hope this helps you in fixing the problem. If this doesn’t wok than I will recommend you to get in touch with one of our Executive who can definitely help you out in this matter. You may reach our Experts on 1-855-999-1904.

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